Zoo run

Nightingale Publishing

$ 26.99 


Author : Florian Sirieix

Drawing : Davide Tosello

Editor: Loki

Numbers of players : 1 - 5

Duration: 10-20 minutes

Recommended age : from 4 years

Year of publication: 2019



Zoo run takes you on a crazy adventure among the zoo animals! Discover two games in the same box, to have fun as you wish!

All together, free the animals! (from 4 years old)

The animals are bored in the zoo and want to get away from it all. Cooperate, and help them escape! Each player draws three cards and tries to cleverly put together silhouettes of animals. Observe the silhouettes carefully: the more you associate them, the more you release them. But beware: the goalkeeper is not far away and gets a little closer each turn. How many animals will have left the zoo before their arrival?

All together, recreate as many animals as possible in this exciting cooperative game, accessible from 4 years old.

The great price of animals! (from 6 years old)

The animals are organizing a big karting race! Choose your pilot, draw 4 cards… and on the track! To advance your champion, associate as many animal silhouettes as possible. Each reconstituted animal takes you one space, or even two if it is the silhouette of your pilot! Each turn, players discard 3 cards and keep one. Which one will you keep? Use observation and strategy to find the best combinations ... and propel yourself to victory!

Two complementary games in one box!

Based on the same principle of observation and placement of cards, Zoo Run offers two varied games with very different objectives. Play in collaboration or in competition, according to your mood, for always animated parts which tell beautiful stories.