Wingspan - EXTENSION - Oceania


$ 51.99 

Wingspan Oceania


Author : Elizabeth hargave

Drawing : Ana Maria Martinez Jaramillo & 2 others

Editor: Stonemaier Games

Numbers of players : 1 – 5

Duration: 40-70 minutes

Recommended age : from 10 years

Year of publication: 2020




You are passionate about birds looking to discover and attract the most beautiful specimens in your aviary. On your turn, land one of your birds in one of the available habitats to trigger a combination of actions. Each of these habitats focuses on a key aspect of growing your aviary: acquiring food and resources, laying eggs, and expanding the collection of birds drawing from hundreds of unique Bird cards. The winner will be the player who has accumulated the most points with his birds, according to his personal objectives and those of each round. With the Oceania expansion, discover a new wild resource, nectar, and unfit birds, whose wingspan is also a wild card. The player boards also offer a new action: reset. This second extension of Wingspan invites you to discover the magnificent colorful birds of Oceania. Shuffle the Bird cards from this expansion with those from the base game. You can also add cards from other expansions to it. This expansion also contains new Player Boards and a complementary type of food, nectar, to provide you with new strategic possibilities. You will also find new Bonus cards and end-of-round objectives, as well as an additional egg color.