Viscounts of the Western Kingdom

Nightingale Publishing

$ 69.99 


Author : Shem Phillips & SJ Macdonald

Drawing : Mihajlo Dimitrievsky

Editor: Pikie games

Numbers of players : 1 - 4

Duration: 60-90 minutes

Recommended age : from 12 years

Year of publication: 2020



Viscounts of the Western Kingdom takes place at a time when the reign of the king is declining, around 980 AD. Favoring peace over prosperity, our once-strong King began to offer our enemies gold and land in exchange for depositing their battle axes. Peace remains a fragile affair. As poverty spreads, many have lost confidence in his ability to lead and seek to gain independence from the crown. Since he found favor in his courts, our future has also become uncertain. As Viscounts we must be careful and determined. Loyalty must be maintained, but winning the favor of the people must be our priority in the event of a sudden change of power.