Under Falling Skies

Nightingale Publishing

$ 53.99 


Author : Tomas Uhlir

Drawing : Kwanchai Moriya & Petr Bohacek

Editor: Iello

Number of players: SOLO

Duration: 20-40 minutes

Recommended age: 12+

Year of publication: 2020



Under Falling Skies is a single-player game with a multi-mission campaign. In each mission, you take charge of defending a city under siege. Your actions are propelled by an innovative dice placement mechanism. When you choose an action, you also choose which enemy ships will go down. A large number of ships gives better results, but they also bring ships down faster. Expand your underground base to access more powerful actions, allowing you to shoot down enemy ships or deploy robots to increase your numbers, but don't forget to work on your research and watch your energy supply. The mothership is getting closer with each turn, increasing the tension. Can you complete your mission before your base is destroyed?