Timeline - Inventions

Nightingale Publishing

$ 14.99 


Author : Frederick Henry

Drawing : Jérémie Fleury & Gaël Lannurien

Editor: Asmodee

Numbers of players : 2 - 8

Duration:  15 minutes

Recommended age : from 8 years

Year of publication: 2010




Chronology: Inventions is a card game played with 55 cards. Each card represents an invention on both sides, with the year in which that invention was created on one side only. The players take turns placing a card from their hand on the table. After placing the card, the player reveals the date on it. If the card has been placed correctly with the date in chronological order with all the other cards on the table, the card remains in place; otherwise, the card is removed from the game and the player takes another card from the game.