Timeline - Event

Nightingale Publishing

$ 14.99 


Author : Frederick Henry

Drawing : Xavier Colette & 3

Editor: Asmodee

Numbers of players : 2 – 8  

Duration:  15 minutes

Recommended age : from 8 years

Year of publication: 2011




Was JFK's assassination before or after the witch hunt? It was certainly after the last Crusade, right? In Timeline, these are the kinds of questions you will be faced with every time you want to place one of your cards. Here, a single objective: to be the first to have correctly played all of your cards.

-Easy to learn and very engaging, a perfect game for all age groups!

-Innovative playstyle makes it easy to learn in a light and fun setting

-Gather several Timeline boxes to multiply the possibilities and the pleasure of playing: all cards are compatible!

-Accessible and portable!