The Crew 2 - Submarine Mission

Nightingale Publishing

$ 24.99 


Author : Thomas chanter

Drawing : Marco armbruster

Editor: Iello

Numbers of players : 2 - 5

Duration: 20

Recommended age : 10

Year of publication: 2021



Gather your crew: you are about to embark on an incredible expedition! The Crew: Underwater Mission is a brand new game in the direct lineage of The Crew, the Kennerspiel and Ace d'Or Expert winning trick game! The Crew - Submarine Mission is a direct sequel to The Crew, although it can be discovered without actually playing it. It is also a cooperative play of folds which starts on the same bases in order to guarantee an almost immediate grip. Your challenge? Dive into the heart of the oceans to lead a mysterious expedition to the depths of the abyss. What secrets will you uncover at the end of ever more perilous missions? Captivating novelties! The Crew - Underwater Mission brings a new game experience for new sensations. The most obvious novelty are the tasks: more numerous and above all more varied. They are now 96 in number and invite players to rack their brains like never before. "Win the four 9s, secretly bet on the number of tricks you are going to play, win more tricks than all the other players put together" ... these are all examples of tasks that bring a fantastic richness to the The Crew experience . Also note that their attribution mechanics have also been revised, since a player will now have the possibility to pass… and not to have any assigned task. Another novelty: Communication management becomes even more exciting, with tokens pooling allowing you to pass messages. Will you be able to share them wisely and leave them to your teammates? The tension will be stronger than ever! With a difficulty better suited to the number of players for an even more addicting challenge, The Crew - Underwater Mission invites you on an even more addicting journey for games full of tension until the last card played. A perfect embodiment of what a cooperative game should be, in which each player has a decisive role to play!