The Crew

Nightingale Publishing

$ 24.99 


Author : Thomas sing

Drawing : Marco armbruster

Editor: Iello

Number of players: 3 --5

Duration: 20 minutes

Recommended age : from 10 years

Year of publication: 2019



Come on board for space! Scientists seem to have detected a mysterious planet at the edge of our solar system ... Will your crew manage to confirm its existence?

In The Crew, players take on the role of members of a space crew on a journey to a mysterious planet. But the journey promises to be epic, because it will be necessary to accomplish 50 increasingly perilous missions before being able to reach the destination. To win a mission in The Crew, each player must complete their assigned tasks. On each turn of the game, players play a single card from their hand to form a trick. The player who wants to accomplish his task must not only win the trick, but also make sure that the card corresponding to the task is present in the trick!

100% cooperation!

The Crew is a 100% cooperative game in which players must allow each other to win the tricks that are necessary for their overall victory. It's subtle ... and incredibly immersive. But beware: if the task assigned to a player is performed by mistake by another player, the game is immediately lost!
Each player must respect the silence of the space vacuum. It will sometimes be possible to communicate during the game, but only to give very limited information on his playing possibilities. It will be necessary to interpret each information provided by the teammates so as not to play the wrong card at the wrong time.