Nightingale Publishing

$ 29.99 


Author : Andreas Steiger

Drawing : Taira Akitsu & Franz Vohwinkel

Editor: Iello

Numbers of players : 2

Duration: 60minutes

Recommended age : from 12 years

Year of publication: 2012



A spicy game for two players, in the Touareg universe. 

Here you are the chief of a Tuareg tribe. As such, each player must trade in commodities located nearby such as dates and salt, or more distant such as pepper, in order to gain gold and other benefits. You also need to expand your family. Card after card, new offers are made to you and get the benefits you want.

Principle of the game: 

Among the Tuaregs, men cover their faces. These desert men are called the Targuis. Women, the Targuias, occupy a primordial place within this society based on matriarchy. The Tuaregs are grouped by families with an "amenokal" or a "tamenokalt" (meaning noble) at their head. In Targui, you play as the chiefs of two Tuareg tribes and exchange local goods (salt, dates) or imported goods (pepper) for gold and various benefits. You enrich and thus grow your tribe. Each round brings you a lot of new goods, new advantages, but beware of looting and competition: only the one with the most points wins the game.