Nightingale Publishing

$ 24.99 


Author : Thomas Bruckner & Anja Dreier-Bruckner

Drawing : Stephane Escapa

Editor: Loki

Numbers of players : 3 - 5

Duration: 20 minutes

Recommended age : from 6 years

Year of publication: 2020



To win Superfly, you must achieve smashing success by taking out all the good bugs along the way.

At the start of each turn, a certain number of cards are deposited, then someone counts "1, 2, 3!" At this point, everyone crushes their fly swatter on the chosen card. If you're the only one redeeming a card, you claim it; if more than one person swaps a card, then whoever "rolled" the highest number with the dice in their fly swatter wins the card. The only exception: if you got a number that matches the number on the map, the bug is killed and removed from the game!

You continue taking turns until someone has collected five cards, then you see who has the largest collection of cards all of the same suit, all with the same number, or with none of the cards with the same. number or the same color. Whoever has the largest collection wins the round and collects a fly hunter token. You then shuffle all the cards to start a new round, and whoever collects the first three Fly Hunter tokens wins!

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