Super not Quick!

Nightingale Publishing

$ 34.99 


Author : Eugeni Castano

Drawing : Maciej Szymanowicz

Editor: TiKids

Numbers of players : 2-6

Duration: 20 minutes

Recommended age : 6

Year of publication: 2021




The great snail race is on! Your goal ? Go Super Not Quick! Because if you're last, you've won! A fun game for the whole family! The game contains 6 wooden snails, 6 matching tiles, a board, 40 tokens and 4 6-color dice. Each player plays 1 or 2 snails whose color is secret. He uses the 4 dice cleverly to move the snails of his choice. Thus, the yellow die makes it possible to move the yellow snail or a snail on a yellow square forward one space. The race ends when a snail crosses the finish line. Players earn as many points as the square where their snails are. The further back they are, the more points they earn!