Star Wars - Rebellion

Nightingale Publishing

$ 149.99 


Author : Corey Konieczka

Drawing : Matt Allsopp & 46 others

Editor: Fantasy Flight Games

Numbers of players : 2 – 4

Duration: 180-240 minutes

Recommended age : from 14 years

Year of publication: 2016



In Star Wars: Rebellion, you control the entire Galactic Empire or young Rebel Alliance. You must command starships, report troop movements, and rally systems to your cause. With over 150 plastic miniatures and two game boards that represent thirty-two of the most notable star systems in the Star Wars galaxy, Star Wars: Rebellion features a scope as wide and expansive as any Star Wars game before it. . A classic Star Wars experience, in which the actions of a few heroes (or villains) decide the fate of the galaxy Contains over 150 plastic miniatures to represent your military forces A board game of epic conflict between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance for 2 - 4 players