Similo - Animals

Nightingale Publishing

$ 18.99 


Editor: Luma

Numbers of players : 2+

Duration: 10 minutes

Recommended age : from 7 years

Year of publication: 2021



Your goal is to make the other players guess a secret animal (among the 12 in the middle of the table). For this, other cards in your hand will serve as clues. You have 5 turns to unmask the secret animal. If you eliminate it by mistake you are all lost! Will you be on the same page as the player giving the clues without saying a word? Similo Animals is a cooperative deduction game in which players must find the narrator's secret animal with the help of other animals. Similarities, differences, it's up to you to guess what the narrator is trying to tell you. Is it a furry animal? A carnivore? A large animal? Does he have the same color eyes? So many questions to which you will have to find answers. It is possible to combine the 2 Animals and Wild Animals boxes for even more fun! A box for animals to discover and another box for clue animals.