Roll Player - Big Box

Nightingale Publishing

$ 84.99 


Author : Keith matejka

Drawing : JJ Ariosa, Luis Francisco & Lucas Ribeiro

Editor: Intrafin Games

Numbers of players : 1 - 4

Duration: 60-120 minutes

Recommended age : 10+

Year of publication: 2020




Roll Player: Demons and Pets Big Box - Expansion: A second wave of monsters invades the kingdom! Enemy minions are sweeping the countryside, demons marching alongside them. To prepare his forces for this new threat, King Aron has asked mythical creatures to join the King's Guard and serve as familiars. Armed with these new companions, the heroes of Nalos must put an end to the Dragul invasion. In Demons & Familiars, players are now aided by familiars and hampered by demons as they battle each other to shape the greatest heroic characters. Prove that your heroes and pets are the greatest champions of the Kingdom of Nalos! This storage box is large enough to hold Roll Player and its two extensions. The box contains the second Demons & Pets expansion. Requires the base game to play.