Ricochet Robots

Nightingale Publishing

$ 54.99 


Author : Alex Randolph

Drawing : Franz Vohwinkel

Editor: Oya

Numbers of players : 1-99

Duration: 30 minutes

Recommended age : from 10 years

Year of publication: 1999



It is the story of four robots, nice but a little old, which no longer have brakes. To stop, they must use a wall or another robot. For each mission, a robot must get as quickly as possible to a designated place on the board. His friends will help him by positioning themselves so as to serve as a stopper. All the players, seated (and often standing) around the board, work together to find the fastest way to get the robot to its objective. The first to find a way, indicates the number of necessary moves, then the players have one minute to find better. It's a kind of puzzle that can be played together. It's a puzzle game, but one that is played at top speed. It's an obsession, the kind that makes you end up moving around like a robot in your apartment.