Robotics 3-6th, Brind'Amour

Nightingale Publishing

$ 208.00 

Robotique (3e year to 6e year)

8 weeks. (April 20, April 27, May 4, May 11, May 18, May 25, June 1 and June 8)

beginning: Thursday, April 20

Heures: 11:25 to 12:45

These activities encourage children to build and program functional models and then use them in various scenarios, depending on the theme of the activity and the subject studied, in the field of science, technology and mathematics.

Through several challenges, the students will have to put themselves in the shoes of budding researchers, engineers, mathematicians and writers to carry out projects implementing transversal skills using assemblies, tools and tasks assigned to them.

The proposed activities will allow your child to develop several skills. Here are a few:

- Use your creativity to build a functional model.

 - Enrich their vocabulary and develop their communication skills to explain how the model works.

- Establish causal links

- Think about how to find solutions and imagine alternatives.

- Propose ideas and undertake to realize some of them.

- Carry out objective tests by modifying a factor to observe or measure its effects.

- Carry out systematic observations and measurements.

- Present and communicate information using tables.

- Follow two-dimensional assembly instructions to build three-dimensional models.

- Think logically and create a program to obtain a specific behavior.

- Write and present stories using models to create visual and scenic effects.