Rhino Hero

Nightingale Publishing

$ 20.99 


Author : Scott schwarz

Drawing : Thies scwarz

Editor: Heat

Numbers of players : 2 - 5

Duration: 5 - 15 minutes

Recommended age : from 5 years

Year of publication: 2011




Great Rhino! introduces players to an incredibly heroic - and sadly heavy - rhino who is eager to climb a tall building and leap over other tall buildings in one leap. But first, you have to build this building.

Players each start the game with five roof cards, and they take turns adding walls and roofs to a single building. On a turn, you first place the walls on the top floor, then you choose a roof card from your hand and place it on the wall. Each roof map has markings that indicate where the next player should place walls on the map. Additionally, some rooftop cards require a player to perform special actions, such as placing a second rooftop, changing the direction of play, or moving Super Rhino to a new location on the tower. Keep your hands steady!