Nightingale Publishing

$ 96.99 


Author : Travis P. Jones

Drawing : Tobert Leask

Editor: Stonemaier Games & Matagot

Numbers of players : 1 to 5

Duration:  60-90 minutes

Recommended age : 12+

Year of publication: 2020



It's time to conquer! In Pendulum, each player is a powerful and unique noble who fights to succeed the Eternal King as the true ruler of Dünya. Players place workers, execute schemes, and expand their domain's provinces in real time to earn resources and progress through the four paths to victory: power, prestige, popularity, and legendary achievement. Players must use real time as a resource to manage their strategy to beat their opponents, using time on different types of action and balancing it with time spent planning and analyzing. The winner will be the player who manages and invests their time most efficiently and who builds the best, not the player who acts the fastest.