Quilting - Express

Nightingale Publishing

$ 39.99 


Author : Uwe Rosenberg

Drawing : Klemens Franz

Editor: Lookout Games

Numbers of players : 2

Duration: 10 minutes

Recommended age : from 6 years

Year of publication: 2018



Patchwork Express has the same functional mechanics as the Patchwork hit, but with a smaller playing surface and larger, less complex pieces. The object of the game is to create the most aesthetic quilt that will allow you to score as many points as possible. To do this, you will have to buy the right pieces of fabric, prevent your opponent from doing the same and wisely compose your patchwork to gain as many buttons as possible and the game. You will discover that in the end quilting is not as peaceful an activity as it seems! A dueling game whose depth of system and strategy will ensure you hours of fun.