Outlaws Last Man Standing

Nightingale Publishing

$ 19.99 


Author : Jeremy Pinget

Drawing : Arnaud Demaegd

Numbers of players : 2

Duration: 15 - 20 minutes

Recommended age : from 10 years

Year of publication: 2018



How far would you go to become President?

Outlaws is a merciless duel against the backdrop of deceit and political intrigue. Outlaws - Last Man Standing is an intense game for 2 players. Each player takes on the role of an American governor in the days of the Wild West, ready to do anything to thwart the plans of his rival and win!


During the game, the Characters will move from left to right along their side, will reveal themselves to collect objects in the center of the table, and will use their different powers.

Players will need to make the most of what they learn, while skillfully managing the information they reveal. This is how they will succeed in luring the opposing characters into their traps and reaching first one of the three victory conditions. If glory and power await the victor, his adversary will only experience disgrace… or death!