Orinoco Gold

Nightingale Publishing

$ 49.99 


Author : Bernhard Weber

Drawing : Michael Menzel

Editor: Heat

Numbers of players : 2 - 4 

Duration:  20 minutes

Recommended age : from 7 years

Year of publication: 2013




Gold fever in the Orinoco River! Deep in the jungle, explorers have discovered the ruins of an ancient culture on the banks of this mysterious river. The courageous teams of adventurers immediately set off from the legendary rocky mound, Guarda - the keeper of gold - in search of treasure among the ruins. Gold, however, is found on the other side of the raging river, and the river can only be crossed by jumping from trunk to trunk, as tree trunks float dangerously downstream.

Dance Orinoco Gold , players need the right amount of luck and tactics to get their adventurers over the tree trunks across the river because when they move and jump over the tree trunks. trees, they should always keep an eye out for drifting logs and other players. Whoever proves to be extremely courageous and who brings his adventurers through the Orinoco safely and surely will be able to collect the most gold, thus winning the game.