Nightingale Publishing

$ 57.99 


Author : Carlo Camarotto & Francesco Testini

Drawing : Camille Durand-Kriegel & Sabrina Tobbal

Editor: Matagot

Numbers of players : 2-4

Duration: 30-40 minutes

Recommended age: 8+

Year of publication: 2021



In the year 1291, all the glassmakers of the province of Venice settled on the island of Murano. The island then becomes famous! Play as one of these famous glassblowers: collect shards of glass of different colors to create the works ordered by your wealthy clients! Glass animals or jewelry, it's up to you to create the most beautiful works to become the richest master glassmaker! Optimize your purchases to acquire the glass shards needed to complete your orders: pay attention to the colors and shards available to be the first to fulfill your orders!