Mary Magic


$ 41.99 


Editor: Matagot Kids

Numbers of players : 2 to 5

Duration: 15 minutes

Recommended age : 3

Year of publication: 2021



Simsalapouf! Mary is truly amazed when she sees her clothes flying out of the closet in an arc and landing on the floor in a mess. "I think, something went wrong…" she whispers. Marie just wanted to dress up, but she accidentally enchanted some of her clothes. Marie needs your help to find all her clothes that have been enchanted. Place all the clothing tiles in the middle of the table and then shuffle all the research cards to form a face-up draw pile. Place the figure of Mary upright, ready to go in search of her magician clothes. On your turn, look carefully at the research card on top of the pile. It represents the enchanted garment that Mary is currently seeking. Take the figurine and place it on one of the tiles representing the desired item of clothing. Lift the figurine and see what happens. The clothing tile sticks to Marie? The magic happens: you have found one of the Enchanted clothes. Then collect the tile and proceed to the next research card. If the clothing tile does not stick, the magic did not work, this clothing was not enchanted by Mary. Leave the clothing tile in the middle of the table and remember its position before continuing your search. The game is over when you have collected the last enchanted garment tile. Whoever has collected the most enchanted clothes tiles wins the game.