Magic Labyrinth

Nightingale Publishing

$ 39.99 


Author : Dirk Bauman

Drawing : Rolf Vogt

Editor: Drei Magier Spiele

Numbers of players : 2-4

Duration: 20-30 minutes

Recommended age : from 6 years

Year of publication: 2009



The little apprentice magicians have lost magic items inside the maze of the master. Now they try to get them back before the Master notices anything. However, in the maze there are invisible walls and only one of the missing objects is revealed at a time. They must therefore make their way through the maze using a good memory and a lot of skill.

Each player moves their magician around the board trying not to hit the maze below. Each magician is hooked up to a magnetic ball, so if you hit a wall, the ball drops and you have to start all over again.