The Red Cathedral

Nightingale Publishing

$ 56.99 


Author : Isra C. Shei S.

Drawing : Chema Roman, Pedro Soto

Editor: Iello

Numbers of players : 1 to 4

Duration: 80 minutes

Recommended age : 10

Year of publication: 2020



At the heart of the XNUMXth century, the teams of builders competed in ingenuity and courage to complete one of the greatest constructions of this century: Saint-Basile Cathedral. This building is a challenge for the builders, but prestige is key for the team that will prove the most capable. Who will lead the best builders of the Red Cathedral? Highly noticed in Essen, The Red Cathedral is a strategy game that combines opportunism and optimization by means of a particularly original resource management mechanism. To win, players must obtain more prestige points than their opponents by actively participating in the construction of the Cathedral, element by element. To do this they must collect resources, reserve blueprints and build parts of the cathedral. The possibilities of play are impressive and the different set-ups are numerous and allow very varied games in sensations whatever the number of players. There are indeed several types of cathedrals to build, and elements of the board are placed randomly to ensure good replayability. As for the solo mode, far from being anecdotal, it allows you to challenge yourself and quietly discover the rich possibilities of the game.