Kraken attack

Nightingale Publishing

$ 46.99 


Author : Antoine & Esteban Bauza

Drawing : betowers

Editor: Loki

Numbers of players : 1-4

Duration: 25 minutes

Recommended age : from 7 years

Year of publication: 2020



Take care! The tentacles of the terrible Kraken have just emerged from the waves! They are about to attack your proud ship! Gather your crew of little buccaneers, and use your pirate powers to repel this terrible onslaught with sword, pistol and cannon! Principle of the game: Kraken Attack is a cooperative game in which you have to coordinate your actions to defend your ship against an attack that arrives on both port and starboard sides! Use sabers and pistols to push back the closest tentacles and then the cannons for the farther ones. If some blows are made against the rail, then it will have to be repaired as quickly as possible, otherwise you risk sinking. Use wisely the special powers of each character, they will help you protect your boat. But beware: pirates have the annoying habit of making faces at the Kraken to annoy him! It will not take long to emerge completely for a formidable final fight! Actively cooperate, manage priorities and repel the onslaught of the Kraken in this game that offers several levels of difficulty!