Nightingale Publishing

$ 79.99 


Author : Andrea Chiarvesio & Luca Lennaco

Drawing : Mario Barbati, Davide Corsi & Roberto Pitturru

Editor: Intrafin Games

Numbers of players : 2 - 5

Duration: 90 - 120 minutes

Recommended age : from 10 years

Year of publication: 2017 (2e edition)



The kingdom of Kingsburg is under attack! Monstrous armies are at its gates, relentlessly seeking to invade the kingdom in order to destroy everything. You have been appointed governor of a border province - it is up to you to defend and make it prosper, to attract favors from members of the Royal Family and their Councilors, in order to obtain gold, wood, stone, but also the soldiers necessary for its development and protection. Be careful, you are not alone: ​​the other Governors will work on their side to offer the best to their own provinces. 

It's up to you to be more perceptive than them! You will have to build buildings, consolidate your defenses and train your army. After five years, only one of the Governors will be appointed to the King's Council and this Governor could or should be you! 

 Over time, new territories will be conquered, but old dangers, like new ones, will constantly threaten the borders. This is why King Tritus will have to appoint new Governors to defend and develop the regions bordering his kingdom. They will have more possibilities to develop their provinces, while new safer routes to the capital will offer a refined vision of the reinforcements to rely on in the coming winter battles. 

New challenges await you in this new version of Kingsburg!

Included 6 additional modules: Additional Building Rows - Alternative Building Rows - Governor Cards - Destiny Cards - Soldiers Tokens - New Advisors