Khora the Apognis of an Empire


$ 89.99 


Author : Headquarters Simulation Game Club

Drawing : David Chapoulet & Jocelyn Millet

Editor: Iello

Numbers of players : 2 - 4

Duration: 75

Recommended age : 14

Year of publication: 2021



In ancient Greece, city-states vied for wealth and power. It's up to you to lead your city to glory by exploiting its strengths! Politics, economy, military arts and culture: make the right decisions and spread the name of your khôra throughout the Greek world! In Khôra, each player is at the head of a resplendent city-state of ancient Greece. During each turn, you must play two Actions of your choice among seven: Philosophy, Legislation, Culture, Commerce, Military ... Choose these Actions according to your strategy, but also according to what your rolls of the dice allow you. Adapt your strategy at any time by advancing your pawns on the tracks of Economy, Culture and Army, in order to strengthen your actions. Advance on the Tax track to collect the too rare Drachmas, on the Army track to colonize and obtain Knowledge tokens, and on the Glory track, to make these Knowledge fruitful. Be the first to unlock Achievements and above all make sure to be the player with the most victory points at the end of the 9th Round to be crowned with the laurels of victory! Particularly formidable, Khôra is a development game without any downtime or the slightest misstep could well call into question your hegemony in the permanent struggle against other city-states.