Jolly & Roger

Nightingale Publishing

$ 20.99 


Numbers of players : 2

Duration: 20 minutes

Recommended age : from 8 years



Captain Redbeard, the infamous Pirate King, disappeared without a trace after an unfortunate meeting with a mermaid. The Pirates, who thirst for glory, have waited for this chance for a long time and seek to seize his throne.

After a boozy evening, the reckless "Jolly" and the eccentric Jack "Roger" were the only ones who could still get up. They knew at that time that the time had come for them to compete to determine who would be the winner - and therefore the new pirate king.

Jolly & Roger is a card game for two players featuring the "I separate, you choose" mechanic. In turn, a player draws five pirate cards and divides them into two sets. The other player then chooses one of the sets, and the player who divides the cards takes the remaining set. With their pirate cards, players attempt to board the four merchant ships by adding their correspondingly colored crew members to their side of the ship. The player with the most powerful crew on a ship puts one of his captains on the ship (and can even remove his opponent's captain) and can then use other pirate cards of that color to steal gold from the ship. from the ship.

After eight rounds, the game ends. The captain of each player on a ship at the end of the game captures that ship as a bonus. The player with the most gold wins.

Jolly & Roger includes three types of special cards - the Kraken, the Skeleton Pirate and Tortuga - to be used in the expert variant to spice up the game.

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