It's a Wonderful World - EXTENSION - War or Peace

Nightingale Publishing

$ 29.99 


Author : Benoit Bannier & Frédéric Guérard

Drawing : Anthony wolff

Editor: The Game Box

Numbers of players : 30 - 60

Duration: 30-60 minutes

Recommended age : from 14 years

Year of publication: 2020



This expansion for the base game It's a Wonderful World will allow you to play in campaign mode, or even open the secret box! You are at the head of a developing Empire, are you going to favor Finance, War, Science or perhaps some other path? Repeat the experience and extend the fun experience by taking it even further!

-Play in campaign mode where each decision will have an impact on your rewards at the end of the scenario

-Unlock new maps throughout the campaign that you can add to the base game

- Replay the campaign as much as you want! No card is altered during games.

-This is an extension. A copy of It's a Wonderful World is required to play.