It's A Wonderful World -EXTENSION - Corruption and Ascension

Nightingale Publishing

$ 39.99 


Author : Frederic Guerard

Drawing : Frédéric Guérard & Anthony Wolf

Editor: The game box

Number of players: 1 - 7

Duration:  45 minutes

Recommended age : from 14 years

Year of publication: 2020



Corruption cards are projects that when built add corrupted resources. When we have one of these resources in our production, we must remove the resource from that produced during the production phase. At first glance it is not interesting to build these projects, but they seem easy to create and bring an interesting production.

-Play now with 6 players by adding the cards of this expansion

-48 Ascension cards: Super Projects and Productions, mixed victory points and corruption

-Additional cubes as well as tokens of x3 values ​​for generals and financiers.

-This is an extension. A copy of It's a Wonderful World is required to play