Istanbul Big Box

Nightingale Publishing

$ 84.99 


Author : Rudiger Dorn

Drawing : Andreas Resch & Hans-Georg Schneider

Editor: Matagot

Numbers of players : 2 - 5

Duration: 40 - 90

Recommended age : 10

Year of publication: 2018



It's the souk at Istanbul's grand bazaar! In the narrow aisles cluttered with stalls, merchants and their assistants are busy unearthing the best deals and overtaking their competitors. Their sense of business and organization are put to the test: the Carts must be filled with goods at the warehouses and quickly transported by the assistants to the best destinations. The aim of the merchants is to be the most prosperous, by amassing money, then a certain number of rubies. In this subtle and refined strategy game, learn how to optimize the movements of your merchant and his assistants to win sublime rubies.