Imperial Settlers Roll and Write

Nightingale Publishing

$ 24.49 


Author : Ignacy Trzewiczek

Drawing : Grzegorz Bobrowski and 6 others

Editor: Iello

Numbers of players : 1-4

Duration: 30 minutes

Recommended age : from 10 years

Year of publication: 2019



Build your empire with a pencil and four dice!

Imperial Settlers, Roll & Write is a new title in the famous world of Ignacy Trzewiczek! Roll your four dice to get resources and workers, which each player can use to follow their own strategy. Each throw will then be completed by an individual tile to choose from, which will provide a bonus that is often essential to the creation of your Empires: additional actions, reinforcing workers and new resources.  

Always different empires

Erect stone walls, build wooden houses and think about feeding your people! No doubt it would be a good idea to build bridges to neighboring fields allowing you to obtain additional resources when you need them most? 

But maybe you'll choose to construct buildings and then activate them in exchange for an action? A farm is very useful for obtaining food! A workshop will allow you to obtain an additional resource ...

The game is played over 10 turns, or 10 dice rolls where all the players simultaneously make their choices. At the end of the game, the one with the most points will be the winner! 

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