Great Western Trail Rails to the North

Nightingale Publishing

$ 44.99 


Author : Alexander Pfister

Drawing : Andreas Resh

Numbers of players : 2 - 4

Duration:  75 - 150 minutes

Recommended age : from 12 years

Year of publication: 2018




Great Western Trail: Rails to the North introduces a new rail system on which players can participate in the growth of their cow breeding businesses.

With this expansion, players are delivering their herds to the Northeastern United States with stops in Chicago, Detroit, and New York, among other cities, with the goal of becoming the most successful cow farmer on this side of the Mississippi. . Be aware that business is much more difficult on this rail, so players will want to enjoy the friendly hospitality by establishing branches and helping to form towns. In addition to the new rail system, players will also discover new main station tiles, private buildings, and an expanded player board to provide more strategic depth in their decision making.