$ 209.99 


Author : isaac childres

Drawing : Alexander Elichev, Josh T. McDowell & Alvaro Nebot

Editor: Cephalofair

Numbers of players : 1- 4

Duration: 60 - 120 minutes

Recommended age : from 14 years

Year of publication: 20




In Gloomhaven, you play as a group of mercenary adventurers; each characterized by specific skills. Players will have to help each other in order to defeat the threats lurking at the bottom of dungeons or forgotten ruins thanks to an innovative system of cards allowing to determine their actions. The world of Gloomhaven will evolve around players as games progress. At the end of each scenario, players will be faced with choices that will determine the evolution of the adventure and the journeys that await them.

-Each Gloomhaven campaign is a unique experience, a true saga.

-Contains 17 character classes

-Includes over 90 scenarios

-A cooperative campaign

-Includes over 1500 cards!