Dominion (EXTENSION) The plot

Nightingale Publishing

$ 59.99 


Author : Donald X. Vaccarino

Drawing : Matthias Catrein & 8 others

Editor: Riogrande Games

Numbers of players : 2 - 6

Duration: 30 minutes

Recommended age : from 13 years

Year of publication: 2009



Dominion - The Intrigue offers 25 new Kingdom cards in the Dominion universe. Some Victory cards will surprise you, as will the new inhabitants and buildings of your kingdom. You will also find the rules for playing up to 6 players. Indeed, by combining Dominion and Dominion - The Intrigue, it is now possible to play with more than 4 players.Dominion - The Intrigue can be played alone or in combination with the basic game.

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