Eighteen Minutes for an Empire

Nightingale Publishing

$ 29.99


Auteur: Ryan laukat

Illustration : Ryan laukat

Publisher: Iello

Numbers of players : 2-4

Duration: 32 minutes

Recommended age : from 13 years

Year of publication: 2013


Eighteen Minutes for an Empire is the sequel to Eight Minutes for an Empire. You don't need the original game to play. In this version, you will choose a card on your turn to expand your empire. How the game works: Eighteen Minutes for an Empire is a short and simple game where the goal is to control areas of the board while making difficult decisions. Simple, fast, perfect when you only have a few minutes in front of you. New in Eighteen Minutes for an Empire: each player has a special ability, the world is populated with fantastic creatures, the game board is modular offering you great replayability, and finally, many variations are possible.

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