Dilemma Express

Nightingale Publishing

$ 34.99 


Author : Scott Houser

Drawing : N/A

Editor: Randolph

Numbers of players : 3 - 13

Duration: 30-90 minutes

Recommended age : 14+

Year of publication: 2020



Inspired by the famous tram dilemma and a Quebec version of Trial by Trolley, Dilemma Express puts you in the shoes of the tram driver, and will force you to make a heartbreaking decision: on which of the two tracks are the people the driver should run over?

In each round, two teams compete by adding different characters to the tram tracks: “Innocent” characters, “Guilty” characters as well as “Modifiers” who will possibly influence the choice of the tram driver. Your team's goal is for the tram driver to choose the other team's rail!

Contains: 500 cards (200 Innocents, 125 Guilty, 175 Modifiers), 1 Driver token, 26 Death tokens.