Deal of the Century September 1

Nightingale Publishing

$ 189.95 $ 229.95

Here is our Back-to-School Deal of the Century !!!

Gobblet Gobbler: Tic-Tac-Toe but Pimpé to the bone for everyone from 5 years old

Kingdomino: Match your resource tiles to have the best kingdom. 15 min, 8 + years

Flick'em Up Dead Winter: Pichenotte dexterity game, your team against zombies, 1 to 10 players, several scenarios.

Formula D: F1 racing game and Street Racing. Manage your speed in curves, your tires, your gearbox, take advantage of the suction to overtake ... In fact, all the best elements are gathered in this racing game. 2 to 10 players. Fun guaranteed !!!

Scarabya: Tile placement game. Be strategic by positioning your encampment tiles to make excavation areas to discover more beetles than your opponents. from 1 to 4 players, 15 minutes.

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