Copy of Equinox - Green Box

Nightingale Publishing

$ 49.99 


Author : Reiner knizia

Drawing : Chris Quilliams

Editor: Plan B Games

Numbers of players : 2 - 5

Duration: 40-60 minutes

Recommended age : from 10 years

Year of publication: 2021



Equinox is a fast-paced game in which players learn about various mythical creatures competing against each other to write their story in the Book of Legends. Over the course of several rounds, players will bet on creatures and play cards in order to support the creature they want to see triumph. At the end of each round, a creature is disqualified and the tension mounts!

Includes 14 unique creatures, each with their own special abilities.

An auction game by renowned author, Rainer Knizia.

The game comes with 2 different covers. The content remains the same.

Magnificent illustrations and quality components.

This multilingual edition includes: English and French