Nightingale Publishing

$ 24.99 $ 34.99


Author : Alexandre emerit

Drawing : Timo grubing

Numbers of players : 2 - 4

Duration:  20 minutes

Recommended age : from 7 years

Year of publication: 2017




Booooooom! Things have been a little crazy since gold was found in the once sleepy village of the old town! Once infected with Gold Rush fever, everyone from experienced gold miners to hotel owners grab a few sticks of dynamite and run to the ghost mine. They throw their sticks of dynamite - BOOM, BANG !!! - in the mine every hour to blow gold from the mountain at any cost!

Don't wait, start collecting! But be careful! Anyone who encounters a bat, snake, rat, or ghost among the gold nuggets should quickly seek safety. And there are all kinds of other dangers lurking in the Old West: The tense atmosphere means you could be challenged to a duel. And if the sheriff has you in sight, there is no escape ...

Boom, Bang, Gold is an exciting game with a lot of action in which speed and a good eye are important. Whoever manages to collect the most nuggets in their gold chest at the end of the day wins the Quick Race for Gold.