Bomb Squad Academy

Nightingale Publishing

$ 22.99 $ 28.99


Author : Josh Cappel & Daniel Rocchi

Drawing : Josh cappel

Numbers of players : 2 - 5

Duration:  20 - 40 minutes

Recommended age : from 13 years

Year of publication: 2015




This is the final field test of your mine clearance training course. The instructor has rigged three practice bombs for you and your team to defuse, but you don't know there's no way to actually defuse them! Bombs will explode eventually, and if you want to graduate to the top of the class, you'll want to cut some high-value threads without setting off the explosives! Take your wire cutters and stabilize that shaking hand, because it's going to be an explosive night!

Dance Bomb Squad Academy there are four decks of cards representing the four "threads" of the bomb, and a trigger track next to each deck. Each turn, each player secretly decides (then simultaneously reveals) which thread they are going to cut that turn (or maybe they will come out, or even call “Wait!” To prevent a thread from being cut). Once the actions are revealed, the chosen threads are “cut” by turning over the cards from those decks. When a card is turned over, its value determines how far the trigger descends on the trigger track and how many points are earned; cutting threads alone is worth a lot more than cutting the same thread as other players. Push the triggers too far and the bomb will explode! Whoever detonates the bomb loses points. Players gain useful tools during the game that they can use to break the rules.