Bang the bullet

Nightingale Publishing

$ 59.99 


Author : Emiliano Sciarra

Drawing : Toni Cittadini, Stefano de Fazi, Eriadan & Alessandro Pierangelini

Editor: Asmodee

Numbers of players : 3 - 8

Duration: 20 - 40 minutes

Recommended age : from 8 years

Year of publication: 2007




When a man armed with a pistol confronts an opponent with a Winchester, you might think he is a dead man… unless that pistol is a Volcanic!

In the Wild West, the Outlaws track down the Sheriff, the Sheriff track down the Outlaws and the Renegade prowls around, always ready to return his jacket ...

The powder will not be long in speaking!

Which of these gunslingers are the Deputies willing to sacrifice themselves for the Sheriff?

And who are the Outlaws who seek to bring him down?

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