Western Kingdom Architects

Nightingale Publishing

$ 77.99 


Author : Shem Phillips & SJ Macdonald

Drawing : Mihajlo Dimitrievsky

Editor: Pixie Games

Numbers of players : 1 - 5

Duration: 60 - 80 minutes

Recommended age : from 12 years

Year of publication: 2018



End of the Carolingian Empire, year 850. Play as the greatest architects of the Kingdom, launched in a frantic competition to impress their King and try to preserve their noble status.

Collect materials, cover land with iconic buildings, hire apprentices and watch them: times are dark and your opponents will stop at nothing to put you in the way!
Do you remain virtuous, or will you be tempted by the company of thieves and the advantages of the black market ...?

Be the most prolific and original builder, the most devoted to the construction of the great Cathedral, take care of your strategic and moral decisions (never forget that you will be judged ...) and perhaps you will come out of it growing (and rich, and respected)!

After his trilogy "From the North Sea", Shem Phillips is back with a new universe, always sublimely illustrated by The Mico, with a strategic and nervous title, always as affordable for the less initiated!