A War of Whispers

Nightingale Publishing

$ 94.99 


Author : Jeremy Stoltzfus

Drawing : Tomasz Jedruszek & Dann May

Editor: Matagot

Numbers of players : 2-4

Duration: 30-60 minutes

Recommended age: 14+

Year of publication: 2019



A War of Whispers is a competitive board game for 2-4 players. Five mighty empires are at war for the world: you play as a secret society betting on the outcome of this war while pulling strings to rig the results and ensure the bets pay off. Your objective is to ensure that at the end of the game, the empires you are most loyal to control the most cities on the map. You will influence the actions of these empires by placing spies in their leadership councils, giving you control over certain functions of that empire.