Discovery of games

With this service we will discover a range of games associated with their level. Through its games, they will discover mutual aid, communication, strategy, but above all laughter!

At the beginning of the activity, we explain what is expected of the students. The students meet in groups of more or less 4 people and we attack with games that are easy to assimilate. At the same time, we explain to a team a more complicated game while answering small questions from other teams. Once all the groups are playing, we compose between starting new games, answering questions, adapting to the different strengths of the groups to offer them challenges or just fun depending on the pulse of the class. 

PS We'll send you a list of games we intend to play with to maximize discoveries.


Ideal for groups of: 1st grade to 6th grade 

Games discovered: between 4 and 6 different games.

Time: the duration of a period, approximately 50 to 60 minutes (plan 5 minutes of storage).

Number of persons: For a class group

Price: Each aspect mentioned above is adaptable according to your reality. Variables such as distance and the number of groups in the same day can change the price. Please contact for more information.