Tailor-made workshop

This service (our favourite!) will allow you to build with us a need that you have. We will be able to respond with the help of our playful know-how, our games and above all, through our passion for transmitting our knowledge. These activities make us vibrate and we like to collaborate for beautiful projects. 

Challenge us! Tell us your needs, the time you have for this workshop with your students and in which spheres we could work. We can also combine more than one aspect, for example, French and mathematics.


Here is an example we worked on:

Groups of 5th graders were originally required to give an oral presentation on a board game they liked. Here's what we changed.

We came to make the presentation according to the criteria of the teacher (number of players, time, age, positive points, points to improve). The presentation served as a model for the students. Afterwards, we left games in the classroom for each of the students. They had to learn a new game and present it. Thus, the student had to read the rules, play them, assimilate the game and present it. We came back a week later for the presentations (and pick up the games). We had the role of publisher of board games and the students had to make a sales pitch to us so that their game was added to our catalog of games.

Reading comprehension in the entertainment world is not always easy. Understanding the information in a game rule book is a good challenge.

Then there was the writing for the oral which included preparing for questions from peers, but also dealing with the aspect of what they liked and disliked, then why.

Finally, there was the oral presentation, which for me was the most beautiful discovery. The students were all captivating in their willingness to share their new knowledge. Some students with certain difficulties who did the orals alone with the teacher at the beginning of the year, managed to do so in front of the class because they had a subject democratized through the group. The challenge of making the best pitch was fun and without pressure. 

We have already mentioned it above, but projects like this make us feel alive and we like to work in collaboration with you in order to bring a different experience while keeping the school environment. In the end, we share our passion through your students and they discover a world where we can play face to face around a table.


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