Introduction to the game

For this service, we will introduce a single game that will allow students to discover the playful universe with certain aspects such as strategy, communication and patience. 

At the beginning of the activity, we will explain the rules and what is expected of the students. Thereafter, usually, teams of 4 are formed to play. If teams have finished their game before the end of the period, we have games to fill the time.

Ideal for groups of: Kindergarten and 1st year, but also for small groups with certain difficulties (concentration, changes, adaptation to instructions, etc.).

Time: the duration of a period, approximately 50 to 60 minutes (plan 5 minutes of storage)

Number of persons: For a class group

Price: Each aspect mentioned above is adaptable according to your reality. Variables such as distance and the number of groups in the same day can change the price. Please contact for more information.