The true story of Tzoy

23 APRIL 2017, it is the feast of the 9 years of my nephew. Preferring to give him quality time rather than a bought gift, I invited him home to make a game.

Having a training in cabinetmaking and my workshop, we were able to make his gift. We did a work plan, he chose the molding, we engineered the pieces, he sanded the pieces, and then we assembled it. Five hours later, with an incredible desire to test our achievement, we finally got to play it. Party after party, we did not stop playing and laughing. He asked me to invite my parents to introduce them to the project and to have fun with us. When they arrived, my nephew explained how we made it and how to play it. The pride he had in his eyes and the stuff he gave his grandfather made me realize the full potential of the game. A game that a child of 9 can explain to a person of 58 years, in which the 2 generations are able to come together to achieve the same goal. But is this goal really about winning, or meeting?

If the game creates so many emotions and is so easy to play, why not put it on the market. I started by designing prototypes, I made them test then retest. Once the game ready, I advocated wood for the sake of quality, and especially for its longevity, which is also synonymous with eco-responsibility. Thus, it can last and be shared.  

Subsequently, we created our board games publishing house, Nightingale Publishing.

Nightingale is nightingale in English and if we translate the words night in galle, it gives us night in the storm. The logo is a Rossignol facing the storm, proud and straight, ready for any weather. And it is in this vision that we want to go with the Nightingale Publishing.

Finally, Nightingale Publishing is proud to offer games designed in Quebec.